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Sourcing & Procurement - Source and distribution from EU, Asia, US, 10 Countries+for your North American production plants. Finding the right products and materials for your need is very difficult and time consuming as well as labor intensive. We also serve as an #importer or #exporter with Asian market and Japanese market.
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Business Development – Marketing and development to sell and distribute top notch technology & products to 5 countries import, export, three-way trade mainly amongst Asia (Japan) and North American manufacturers. We will develop & build your new sales channels and enter the U.S. and Asian (Japanese) Market.


Sales, Implement, Support, and Development of IT - related hardware & software, IoT/IIoT, DB, Ultra-Fast Production Scheduler ASPROVA, ACTY SYSTEM, the ERP for SME in manufacturing industry, to Service Robot, Workflow & Data Management Collaboration Tools, AGVs, Shell | Solid Mesh Generation and Automation Software.

The Wellness team supports Therapeutic Robots, Health Tech such as walk assists and more.

Search Technology - Access to over 400,000 Japanese & U.S. manufacturers to search and find the last piece of puzzle of your technology/products to enhance and/or complete your products.

ITA/Cornerstone Alliance - offers EPA/OSHA regulatory compliance services, ISO 9000 & 14000 management certification, custom software solutions. Oil rejuvenation 0.1 micron filtration systems protect equipment and extend oil life. Tracked robots for facility inspection and security.


We locate and provide the best Japanese technology and the solution for you.
"Constantly Updating and Securing the best technology & product suppliers is important today. Being able to procure and distribute as reliably including business support with SCM. Our Business Group & Technology Group will save manufacturing industries’ time and labor to stay competitive. Ultimately, we wish to bring-in 400,000 Japanese manufacturers to the U.S. market which are not here yet to establish hyper-effective ECO-System is the goal to activate & revitalize the U.S. and Asian economies."

Why We Are World's #1

"As an MBE, we have the best network and understanding of business and technology relating to JAPAN.

Whether you are trying to solve and find the last piece of puzzle to perfect your products or selling to the Japanese companies globally, in terms of marketing, consulting, distributing, supporting and/or negotiating on your behalf.

The successful companies utilize the unique and state-of-the-art Japanese products and we are grateful to be able to serve with gratitude."


423610 / 425120 / 423690 / 423830 / 423710 / 423430 / 423990 / 541611 / 541613 / 541930

I.T.A. Internship - As part of our small CSR activities, we have supported over 680 interns from Japanese high schools, colleges, universities, an companies to support their globalization and global leadership.

Working with ITA

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"We are particularly seeking partnerships with the U.S. industrial distributors, sales reps, dealers, sales agents, and open innovation organizations and tech holders."

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Our clients range from a venture company to FORTUNE 500 companies exceeding 300 clients in North America and Asia (Japan).

Major Clients
ACCESS ONE / Accurate Perforated / ACTUS USA Group / Acty Systems / Arthur D. Little / ASMO Group / Asprova / Brand Core Consulting / Calsoft / Cornerstone EHS / DENSO Group / Enspirea LLC / Evercorn / General Motors / IDEX Corporation / ITOCHU Group / Japan Machine Tool Builders Association / JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) / KEI CREATE JAPAN / KINTONE / Lift Maintenance Japan / LINKERS International / Musashi Auto Parts / McKinsey / Meiji Corporation / Mitsubishi Electric Automation / MIT / Museum of Science and Industry of Chicago / NIIGATA / Nippon Express U.S.A. / NOBLE D. Inc. / NOZAKI / NTN Group / OKAYA USA / OKI Electric Cable / Okutani Kanaami / Organization For Small & Medium Enterprises And Regional Innovation, Japan / PARO Robot / Rohto Pharmaceutical / Sanei Kagaku / SHIMA America / SNK / TI / Tokyo Lithmatic / TOPY Industries / TORAY / TOYOTA / TRI Group / PMI Kyoto Packaging / TRITON / YUSEN Group / WALDOM Electronics and 300+ clients...

10 countries
Canada, Denmark, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Taiwan, UK, US and continue to add more.

5 countries
Canada, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, Thailand and continue to add more.

About Us


December 1980, An Illinois Company



Japanese Government,
Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)
Appointed Overseas Platform Coordinator (2011~)

Japanese Government,
Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation (SMRJ), JAPAN
Globalization Adviser (2005~2007, 2018~)


One of the promise made to the U.S. government during the establishment of ITA were
  1. to bring Japanese companies into the US.
  2. export U.S. products and technologies to Japan and Asia.
  3. through above works, established technology transfers to Japan, establishing JV company in US. In order to keep the promise, ITA supported many companies and provided them with marketing and sales & distribution to the companies from Japan. (Some examples are; NIKKEN (Largest rental company in Japan), NIKKO (Largest radio controlled toy maker in Japan), MEIJI Corporation (Leading industrial distributor in Japan), ) The first export was flexo printing press from Mark Andy.


  • Heavy load of marketing and research team assisting the Japanese clients.
  • Exporting and licensing hologram technology to create master plates for security industry. ITA created hologram sims in-house. * Potty John export exceeded 160,000 units and aerial lifts sales boomed.
  • HDD (horizontal directional drilling machine) export boomed.
  • Launch of IT & Technology support services mainly towards the Japanese companies in North America so that US companies and subsidiaries may do business effectively.
  • System development projects and The Internet changing the World.


  • Distribution, import export: going into higher technical level, lithium-ion battery testers for automotive, production vision systems, serving steel industry which enabled us to penetrate and serve R&D sectors.
  • Marketing & Research team gradually transformed into actual sales support and conducting specific tasks on the clients behalves. This also has gone beyond our existing level serving sales partnerships and compliance/certification support, which other professional marketing and consulting companies became our clients.
  • Medical technology and Service robots and technology support came on board as part of our business.


  • Our founder and C.O.B. received "The Order of the Rising Sun" by Emperor of Japan.


On top of above businesses, we are constantly creating & adding platforms by forming great partnerships to source effectively, create sales channels in US and Asia. We have access to 400,000 Japanese manufacturers in Japan, as well as our partner source from 3,000 companies for distribution of industrial products.


Manufacturing - Distribution of Industrial Products & Technologies, Support Import & Export, and Business / Marketing Services, Market Entry & Business Development in North America and Asia (Primarily Japan)

U.S. and Japan Sales/Business Development: Wellness, Medical and Health Care, Machine Parts (MROs), Industrial Automation, Printing Technology, Construction Equipment, Packaging, Manufacturing, IT/IoT/AI, Environmental, Specialty Robots, Emerging Technologies, Chemical/Specialty Materials, Printing, etc.

Automotive | Steel | Environmental (Oil recycling, Energy Saving/monitoring) | Printing | Rental | Construction Equipment | Medical Device | Industrial Machinery | IT - Systems (IoT/IIoT, Production Management) | Therapeutic & surveillance) | Nuclear Power | Factory Automation | MROs | R&D | Specialty Materials | Japanese Business Support Professionals


Itasca, IL HQs.
St. Louis Office
Houston Office
NAGOYA Japan Office
Tokyo Japan Affiliate Office

Key Members

Junko Shokita - Accounting
Jing Yun Yang - Customer Success
Sam Ohta - Sr. Manager
Takahiro Kumagai - Manager
Jukka Lyly - Sales & Business Dev.
Akiko Maeda - Analyst
Daisuke Higashimori - Japan Manager
Tomoko Oda - Japan Team Leader
Kai Mitsushio - Marketing Consulting
Kumi Mimura - Minority Business
Ritu Agrawal -MBA,Marketing Director
Hiroaki Kuwajima - Advisor
Tom Turner - Emeritus V.P.
Shin Kishioka - President
Shoen Kishioka - C.o.B.




"We help our clients business grow"
- Accelerating sourcing and sales in manufacturing -
"Serve with gratitude"

Board Members

Social Commitment & Contributions:

  1. Energy Saving & Safety:
    We focus on industrial automation, energy saving products and safety technologies to contribute to energy-safety and safe society.

  2. Volunteers:
    We have been contributing to the Local Volunteering Activities to Schools, Chamber of Commerce, Associations, and other Non-Profit Organizations, such as local Cleaning Volunteering.

  3. Internship Training Programs for University students:
    Over 560+ students (as of October 2017)
    - The University of Tokyo, Shukutoku University, Tama University, Nagaoka University of Technology, Japanese Government, Ritsumeikan Moriyama High School, and Fortune 500 Electronics manufacturers, others.

Social Commitment & Contributions:

  • Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Chicago

  • Japan America Society of Chicago

  • Illinois High School Science NAMBU Award (Japan America Society of Chicago and Illinois Science Olympiad)


National Minority Business Enterprise (Minority Certified Company)

Foreign Supplier Verification FSVP


I.T.A. Updates

I.T.A. is looking for Industrial Equipment Distributors and Sales reps partnership.

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ITA, Inc.
150 Pierce Rd., Suite 550
Itasca, IL 60143
Phone: (847) 364-1121
Fax: (847) 364-1183

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